Service Site Model

systems analysis

This is a UML model of the relationships between potential customers and service providers. The idea is to register both requirements and services provided.

This model is part of an overall approach to projects, which is “try and model and see if it flies”. If you can’t model it, you can’t build it. However, the inverse is not necessarily true. It’s not because you can model it, that you can create it. Someone may be able to, but it takes resources, a business case, funding, skills and time.

The first step in project management is to define the project, and an excellent way to do that is to model the business context, focusing on the question in hand. The modelling raises questions which form the basis of the project issues database. Once the modelling complete, one can try and start the execution phase.

The concept of a service site

A lot of work is needed to move the model forward from a conceptual one to a live system. The concept has already in use but there continue to be opportunities available.

To which market to apply the concept of a marketplace for services – a site bringing service providers and customers in contact could apply to many markets. The concept could be used for the direct sale of farm goods by producers or as an online catalogue between automotive parts producers and buyers, artisans and building materials suppliers, or international estate agents.

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